The BMW Rider Training school is managed and run by Ian Biederman.  Ian has been involved in Motorcycle training since 1990 and brings a wealth of knowledge gained over many years of teaching people to ride and improve the motorcycling skills. We are very proud of our partnership with BMW but we also welcome riders of all makes and models of motorcycles.

Our Philosophy 

The quality of training is defined first and foremost by the quality of the Trainer. There are many schools out there, and lots are small operations set up by experienced riders. However an experienced and capable rider does not necessarily make a good trainer. 

Our training team is very special as it comprises RoSPA Diploma Instructors and current serving police officers. All much more highly qualified and specialist than simply a CBT or DAS Instructor. 

The other key factor is the quality of the equipment and facilities. We use a fleet of Honda CBF125’s for CBT and initial training and then have a fleet of BMW motorcycles for Direct Access and Advanced Training. These bikes are all under one year old, equipped with ABS, Heated grips and we have low seat models available. We have industry leading facilities and a CBT / Module 1 training arena on site at our training centre. 

We don’t profess to be the cheapest, just the best. Our pass rates are better than the average and we have a 98% recommendation rate from previous customers.

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