Why ride with us?

When you decide you want to live life on two wheels, the most important decision you need to make is who to train with? There are many schools are out there and so before choosing one you should ask some questions. These are the questions we think you should ask and our answers to them? 

What are your credentials? 

The school is owned by Ian Biederman a motorcyclist since 1986 and an instructor since 1990, with 750,000 riding miles under his belt. Along with Ian there is a team of dedicated instructors that have been carefully selected to ensure the best tuition is given.  

The BMW Rider Training school has been running since 2005, we are located in Royston, Hertfordshire, an ideal central location with easy access from anywhere in the country. Along with a secure, private training area and spacious learning rooms the school has brand new bmw bikes with regular services to ensure we have the safest machines for people to learn on. 


Tell me about your staff?


The key to good business is good people, thats why our instructors have been carefully selected, not just for their riding abilities but for thier life experience and the ability to pass knowledge and guidance along to students. 

Our professional instructor team includes former police motorcycle officers and individuals with special tuition qualifications, but the important thing is that they are all very passionate and very knowledgeable about motorcycling and are dedicated to sharing this with you. For details of each of our team have a look at the staff page 

Tell me about your facilities?

We consider that we have the best facilities of any motorcycle rider training school in the UK. The school is housed in a modern building with classroom, lounge, changing rooms, kitchen and toilet facilities as well as the garage for the bikes. Next to our premises is our training area which can be directly accessed from the main building.It is exclusively ours and this allows greater flexibility in training dates compared to schools that rent or borrow school yards or car parks for odd days or weekends. The training arena is DVSA approved for training of CBT riders. It is considerably larger than the minimum requirement and so is licensed for training up to six CBT trainees simultaneously. It is also large enough to allow training and practice of the Module 1 test manoeuvres including the swerve avoidance and emergency stops. This is vitally important for safe and responsible training of the Module 1 test.


Tell me about the equipment you use?


For the initial part of training we have a fleet of Honda CBF125's. The small lightweight machines are perfect for those first tentative steps. You will then progress to one of our fleet of BMW bikes. Our BMW fleet are all under 12 months old and are changed every year in March. They are all equipped with ABS and heated grips. Its not just about the bikes though. We also have a complete range of BMW rider equipment for you to borrow; helmets, jackets, trousers, boots and gloves, All of this equipment is laundered and changed regularly and is all from BMW's range so you can be assured of the quality and its protective qualities. 

 Why do you run your courses as a single block? 

We believe that this is the best way to learn. If you have a training session one week and another next week, then you will spend the first part of the second session trying to re - learn things that you learned last week. by training as a single block you learn quicker and it becomes muscle memory easier. 

Tell me about your pass rates?

Our pass rates both for Learn to Ride training and also for the RoSPA Advanced Rider Test far exceed the national averages.

What makes you unique?

  • Our Direct Access Courses are based on full days training and not training "sessions". This means that each day you will receive around seven hours of practical and theory training Beware many schools advertise "sessions" which can be as little as 4 hours of which maybe only 2-3 hours you will spend riding a bike. 
  • When using our bikes our prices include fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance with no excess. This means if you damage our bikes, there is nothing extra to pay. The price also includes fuel. 
  • Our fleet is replaced every year and the bike you will learn on is the latest model BMW, with heated grips, ABS and we also provide BMW Rider Equipment free of charge. 
  • Our instructors are not just Direct Access qualified, they all are RoSPA Diploma Advanced Instructors or Examiners, ensuring the best quality tuition available. Have you got any other questions? Then drop is a line at bmw@worldofbmw.com
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