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Get on the road on two wheels in just two days!

This is where you begin! CBT is the start of any learner training course. You can choose to do it on a standalone basis or it can be the first part of a longer Direct Access Course.

If you just want a taster of what motorcycling is all about, then some people will decide to book the CBT only. It gives you a great insight into what motorcycling is all about and is designed to equip a new rider with a basic set of skills including machine control, observation and road positioning to get started safely on two wheels. Once completed, the CBT allows you to ride a 50cc moped (at 16) or a 125cc geared or automatic motorcycle (at 17 or above) with L-plates.

The CBT is usually completed in a single day, which includes classroom lessons, training off the road and a supervised road ride, but if you’re not used to it, this can be very intense and tiring. Some riders feel that this is too short a course, with not enough time spent riding on the road with an instructor.

So BMW Rider Training offers an extended two-day course – the CBT Plus. The first half of the course is based in the classroom and on our private, off-road tarmac training pad. You'll spend the day building up your confidence and skills before retiring for the evening to relax and let the day's training sink in.

The next morning you'll take to the roads with an instructor and spend a full day riding, exploring, putting your new skills to use and growing familiar with riding on the road. At the end of the day, if you and your instructor feel you're ready for it, riders will be invited to try a larger BMW motorcycle - like the novice-friendly BMW F 700 GS - on our private training area to experience the feeling of riding a larger bike.

The opportunity to get to handle the larger BMW F 700 GS is a unique chance for you to try this out this great motorcycle. Whilst it is “novice-friendly” and the bike that you will most likely then use for your motorcycle test (if you chose to proceed to DAS Training) this robust adventure GS bike has also taken people around the world, so it’s got huge travel credibility, as well as being a perfect commuter bike.

Now you have your CBT and realise how exciting motorcycling is, then you simply ask your Instructor for details of continuing your training. You can then return and complete a Direct Access Course to obtain your motorcycle licence. It’s as easy as that!

Please note that a CBT holder is restricted from riding on motorways and may not carry a pillion.

CBT stands for Compulsory Basic Training. You need to demonstrate that you can safely handle a motorcycle on the road and once you have reached the required standard you Instructor will issue a CBT Certificate (DL196). This allows you to ride up to a 125cc motorcycle on the road with L-Plates.

The CBT Syllabus is set down by government and has five elements:

Element A: Introduction

The aim of this element is that you:

Understand the aims of CBT

Can make suitable decisions about the equipment and clothing to use when riding a motorcycle

Meet the eyesight rules

Element B: Practical on-site training

This element does not involve riding the machine. It is about on-site, hands-on training after which you will be able to:

  • Show an understanding of how their machine works (throttle, front brake, clutch, indicators, choke, electric starter, engine cut off switch, lighting switches, horn, fuel tap, rear brake, kick starter, gear change lever, instrument panel )
  • Understand what maintenance checks are needed to keep their machine legal and roadworthy
  • Have a feel for the weight and balance of their machine

Element C: Practical on-site riding

In this element you will begin to ride the motorcycle and by the end, you will have developed enough basic skill to allow you to ride their machine safely before you go out onto the road with your Instructor.

You will be able to demonstrate a range of core riding skills and show you are fully aware of what is going on around you as you carry them out. Such skills are:

  • Moving away
  • Riding slowly
  • Riding in a straight line and coming to a controlled stop
  • Riding a figure of eight
  • Carrying out a u-turn
  • Bringing the motorcycle to a stop in an emergency
  • Carrying out simulated left and right hand turns

Element D: Practical on-road training preparation

The aim of this element is to make sure that you have all the information you need to ride legally and safely on the road and to prepare you for the on-road riding element of CBT.

Element E: Practical on-road riding

The aim of this element is to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to ride safely and independently on the road while you prepare for your riding test.

You will be exposed to the main traffic situations and hazards that you are likely to come across on the road, allowing you to practise the skills necessary to deal with them safely. You will show you can handle roundabouts, traffic lights, junctions, bends, gradients, pedestrian crossings etc).

You will ride out on the road with your Instructor for at least two hours. Your Instructor will keep in contact with you by radio and will be constantly assessing your ability and providing additional advice and instruction.

Dates for CBT training are very flexible as we have access to our own training arena. DAS training dates are set according to the availability of Modular 1 and 2 tests with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. Typically we run 3 to 4 courses per month with test dates on Thursdays or Fridays. However this can vary.

BMW Rider Training Direct Access (DAS)* and CBT Prices

Prices exclude all Test fees * Standard Prices (March - November)

  • Direct Access / A2 - Unlimited £1,895
  • Direct Access / A2 – 7 days £1,395
  • Direct Access / A2 – 6 days £1,250
  • Direct Access / A2 – 5 days £1095
  • Direct Access / A2 – 4 days £985
  • Direct Access retake training (per day) £175
  • CBT – 1 day £175
  • CBT Plus – 2 days £325

Includes DVSA Module 1 & 2 test fee, bike hire, fully comp insurance no excess, fuel, tuition on maximum 2-1 basis, rider equipment hire, CBT certificate (if applicable). Unlimited supplies of tea and coffee in our offices! Does not include subsequent DVSA test fees with exception to DAS / A2 Unlimited (current prevailing rates £15.50 – Module 1 / £75 – Module 2).

One–to–one DAS training is available at a 50% premium.

Please call 08000 131282 as other dates may become available at short notice.

Winter Training Offer (December – February)

All BMW Rider Training courses with any date of the course occurring in December, January and February, receive a 20% reduction on the above price. This cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers, discounts or promotions.

CBT Plus

2 day CBT Plus course

Price includes training, bike hire, fully comprehensive insurance and clothing hire.

WINTER PRICING - If any day of the course is from December to February the course is discounted by 20%. When you click the yellow box the price is shown.
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